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Gift #1 – A Starring Role

The first gift has been left!

We were passing through town today and decided to whip into the local cinema and leave our first gift. It is incredibly hard to be stealthy in a cinema and we were beginning to lose hope.

Then. LIGHTBULB! (did you say that in the voice of Groo from ‘Despicable Me’? We did!)

So we took this:

Ooh pretty stars!

And we added a $20 bill. That would be the gift.

Then we left it on top of the hand dryer in one of the bathrooms. Uh-huh, we know. Hygiene issues much? Well, we’re sort of hoping that by the time people get to the dryer, they’ve washed their hands.

So hopefully someone out there has found this very first gift that we have left out there, and hopefully it brought a smile to their face.

If you were the one to find this, we’d love it if you could email us and tell us all about it. Just click HERE.

Happy gifting everyone!



Looking for the Light

Welcome to Guerilla GivingĀ  NZ!

We hope you’ve had a chance to check out our “About Us” page, and maybe even skipped over to our Facebook Page.

We haven’t had a chance to leave any gifts yet. We’re planning on doing that in the next couple of days and we’ll get pictures up with a story of what, where, when and how. In the meantime, we wanted to share something with you…..

This video has been floating around Facebook for awhile now. It came to our attention about a week ago and it is just lovely. So often, we are bombarded by the darkness in this world. It is definitely time to “Look to the Brighter Side of Life”. Enjoy.

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